Thorp of London

Screen printed fabrics & wallpapers handcrafted in Norfolk, England

English Countryside-Inspired patterns

Norfolk’s landscapes, an endless reservoir of creative inspiration

Known for its unique, unspoiled landscapes steeped in nature and rural heritage, Norfolk’s pristine environment provides a fertile setting for endless creative inspiration. Stretches of peaceful countryside, vast, ever-changing skies and poetic coastlines offer a palette of colors and textures that are reflected in the materials, patterns and colors of the collections. The subtle nuances of sunrise on the many canals, the play of light on the waves at the coast and the vibrant tones of fields of wildflowers are reinterpreted in fabrics and wallpapers ad infinitum.


Patterns inspired by a captivating English countryside

All models reflect the natural harmony and rustic aesthetics of the region, while adding a touch of natural elegance. Each design with its texture and tonal nuances tells a story drawn from this land, embodying the tradition, craftsmanship and deep love for its landscapes that continues to spark the imagination and creativity of the Thorp of London studio.

An exceptional artisanal mastery

Behind each creation, the craftsmen

At Thorp of London there is a team of young craftsmen who are reviving the ageold art of screen printing. With skillful hands and boundless passion, they apply their expertise to create exceptional fabrics and wallpapers, turning each pattern into a reality.


Behind each creation, the hand

For Marcello, Nicole and Jordan, each color application and precise action is a form of dialogue with the material. Every ground has it’s own character and sensitivity. Every color is assigned a screen, used like a stencil that constructs the design. Each pattern is assigned a squeegee, a tool that is soft or hard which allows the paint to be drawn across the frame. The angle and pressure used in pulling the squeegee plays a crucial role in capturing the detail and quality of the print.

A myriad of materials and colors

Behind each creation, the ground materials

The selection of the ground base kickstarts the creative journey. From cottons to linens, from hemp to jute, along with moiré fabrics and non-woven papers, each provides a unique textural impact that can dramatically alter the final appearance of the prints.
Thorp of London presents a diverse collection of 33 unique grounds, each with its own texture and feel. Like a celebration of diversity, every fabric has its own tale, expressed through its texture and weave. From the sleekness of silk to the rugged charm of linen or jute evoking nature’s elegant rusticity, each material stands out with a distinct character.


Behind each creation, the colour

Viktor, the color artisan, has a mission that involves precision, sensitivity, and dedication. He's like a master musician, expertly using pigments and shades to create colors. His work often operates on the subtle edge of what we can see, where even tiny changes can completely alter a mood or convey a different feeling. A color chart of over 460 shades has been created through a demanding process, where each new shade is the result of repeated experimentation, subtle adjustments, and rigorous quality control.


Customize your print

An English decorative collection

More than 360 designs available for sampling, accompanied by a custom design service

The Thorp of London studio has edited patterns, colours and grounds to create a first collection of 360 designs divided by style in a resolutely English decorative spirit: simple or exuberant, sensitive or audacious, classic or eccentric.

Thorp of London also offers the possibility to customize and create your own design using a library of 95 drawings, a palette of 460 colors, and a range of 33 printing materials.

The collection

Inspired patterns

Sprawling florals printed in warm and enveloping mid-tones

Contemporary stripes & geometric patterns in sharp colour combinations

Chevron patterns, wavy stripes and diamond shapes, a unique and rich harmony of ikats

Stylized representations of animal patterns that create a powerful and instinctive visual impact